February 13, 2010

There's been a flurry (accidental weather pun) of hype about the Olympics getting started yesterday in Vancouver. The news has been full of worried reports about our unusually warm January and the measures the hosts are going to to keep the snow on the mountains long enough for the Games to happen. We don't watch TV, broadcast or cable, and we're really not sports fans, so it's mostly been a thing happened Out There.

And so, it took me a moment to recognize the subject of this project at Craft's blog. Then, after I realized this was an Olympic Something I was looking at, I looked again. Hmmm, those creatures look familiar. So, I checked, and hot spit! We know the folks who designed the mascots for the Vancouver Winter Olympics! Not only is Caitlyn collecting their books, but they did graphics for one of Ian's music videos. Kinda makes me all giggly inside.

Of course, now that the whole thing has actually made it to my radar, I need to decide if we're going to share any of the Olympic Madness with Caitlyn this year. Growing up, the family television had a tendency to disappear when it wasn't Olympic Time, so that automatically made the Olympics something special. I also remember liking the medal ceremonies, who knows why. I got to watch the Torch go by in 1984, when the Summer Olympics were in Los Angeles (I think I climbed a tree to see it), which was also the year the third grade classes at my elementary school held a Third Grade Olympics in conjunction with the Current Events unit about the Games in Sarajevo.

Maybe I'll look for the highlights on YouTube. But I think I'll wait a while before trying to explain the whole thing - international competition and the layers of issues (legitimate and otherwise) and all. Maybe 2014.


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