July 15, 2008

The only thing in dinner tonight that came out of a can were the olives. Just about everything else can be accounted for. Homemade pizza crust, with homemade sauce. I made the mozzarella yesterday, with milk from Golden Glen Creamery. The tomatoes came from Rockridge Orchards. The zucchini came from the Alvarez Organic Farm.

The pizza was a little overcooked - still trying to find the best way to divide the dough so that Ian and I get a pizza to share and Caitlyn gets her own pizza, with only the things she wants ("Nothing scary, Mama, ok?"). And the sauce needs some work, but all in all, I'm pretty darn pleased with myself right now.

July 08, 2008

I've had the link to this video on my desktop for months, waiting for a good time to post it here. Not that the "why less stuff is better" shtick is news to any of the five people reading this, but it's a good video with coherent explanations (I thought). Maybe one of the five people reading this know someone who could benefit from a viewing:

The Story of Stuff

Of course, in my quest to minimize stuff and reduce waste, I did just buy an actual plastic waste bin for the bathroom. And storage bins for Caitlyn's enormous collection of project/craft supplies. And I spent a moment thinking about airtight storage bins for 25 pounds of rice. Is it possible to get emergency water storage containers that aren't plastic? So, I'm not sure that I'm exactly succeeding in my quest for less stuff. I'm not sure that I'm satisfied just being lower than the average American in my stuff-addiction. I guess everyone needs a goal...
I'm attempting physical fitness by riding Ian's bike through the neighborhood. Tonight, one of the neighborhood kids spotted me and called out, "Hi, Caitlyn's Mom!"

Awwww... It must be home.