March 27, 2007

More things Caitlyn says:
  • "mok" (for milk)
  • "fok" (for fork - dining at other people's houses can be so much fun... "Fok! Fok! Fok!")
  • "plow-wo" (for pillow)
  • "inch-ada" (for enchilada)
  • "wha-wha-gigs" (for whirlygigs)
  • "finging" (for swinging, a favorite activity)
  • "nik-el" (for nipple)
  • "upsie down" and "upsie up" (for upside down and right side up)
  • "see water" (for sea otter)
  • "Mama drive now" (upon being buckled into her carseat)
  • "basketball" (for the action of throwing an object in an upwards direction, used as in "Basketball Caitlyn!", loosely translated as "Throw me in the air and catch me!")


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter Lily says:

"Magoo"--milk/kefir smoothie
"Chibbies"--rice crispies
"Os" -- Cheerios
"Foak" -- fork
"Poon" -- spoon
"Mupple" -- nipple
"Go fast, mommy/daddy" -- upon being buckled in to her carseat
"Up high in ky" -- throw me up high in the sky and catch me!
"It's darking" -- It's getting dark
"Big goah" -- I'm a big girl

Take care,
Campy Only

10:12 AM  

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