January 29, 2007

Ian and Caitlyn were playing with our smaller camera (it fits in Ian's pocket, as opposed to the big camera, which needs a backpack) the other day. Caitlyn loves the cameras. Recently, though, she's stopped mugging for them and wants to push the buttons. One of these days, I should post one of her pictures... sometimes they come out as something recognizable (even if it's just the ceiling), sometimes they are very "modern art". Anyway, Ian was explaining why one shouldn't put one's fingers on the lens; it's the camera's eye. Caitlyn got that.

Later Ian turned the camera off, and he and Caitlyn talked about how the camera's eye was closed because the camera was sleepy. She took it upstairs to her room, laid it in her bed, and put a blanket on it.

Tonight, after her second bedtime story, Caitlyn said, "More book. Nap soon." I told her, "One more book. Bed time soon." She came back with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, nearly whacking me in the head as she got back into bed with it. When we were done reading it, she stood up to get another book. I turned out her light and told her it was bed time. She laid back down, interrupted her lullaby to tell me that she wanted her "big blankie" and her "little blankie", and when her song was finished, told me, "Goo night. 'Eet dreams."

Tomorrow, she will likely play a vigorous game of Flop on the grown-ups' bed. At some point, after flopping, she'll pause to announce, "Caitlyn lay down. Night. 'Eet dreams." She'll repeat it until I tell her, "Sweet dreams," then she'll giggle, stand up and say, "Caitlyn flop," before hurling herself back onto the bed.


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