April 07, 2006

I've just stumbled across the trailer for a documentary coming out this summer. An Inconvenient Truth premiered at Sundance this year, and the buzz is rather impressive. (Sorry. I looked around for a non-Moviefone, non-AOL trailer for the movie, but they appear to have the exclusive at the moment.)

It seems a bit odd to get excited about a movie that's bound to be as depressing as hell, but there it is. Perhaps I've yet to give up on the idea that elements of pop culture (movies, for one) can make a critical difference in how ordinary people live and how governments conduct themselves. Perhaps I'm looking for a counterweight to the silliness of The Day After Tomorrow or the sensationalist fuzzy science of the book that "inspired" that movie. Perhaps I just want to see other people as scared about climate change as I am.

Of note: An Inconvenient Truth is a Participant Films production. If I'm naive, so are these guys.


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