June 15, 2003

Enjoying a sleepy Sunday. . . Hosted a party last night, our first since our housewarming party a year ago. We've met some wonderful new people since then, and it was great fun to mix them in with the people we've known for years. Haven't yet decided whether it was the layout and organization of our kitchen/bar area that accounted for the high volume of cocktails (the beer was in the fridge, so maybe it wasn't obvious we had any) or if L.A. people drink more mixed drinks than San Francisco people.

Have learned that "Snickerdoodle" does not appear in the OED. This is a major oversight, and the first time my 0ED has let me down. It's always been able to give me word origins before. It comes as a shock to discover that something as complete and as authoritative as the OED would be missing a word as well known as "Snickerdoodle".


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