Phytness Connection Homepage Introduction
Introductory paragraphs written for the front page of Phytness Connection's website.
Phytness Connection is dedicated to offering unique health and fitness services specifically for people over 40.

At Phytness Connection, we believe the best programs are based on sound academic and medical principles, implemented with the latest state of the art equipment in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment. We will custom design an exercise program just for you, based on your needs and abilities, then support and guide you toward achieving a successful aging lifestyle.

To change lifestyle habits, you must learn to become your own best fitness coach. We provide the knowledge and instruction to allow you to take responsibility for your health and become exercise independent. You can become stronger, healthier and more active as you gain control of the aging process.

"I am training for a bicycle tour of the Rhone Valley in France. Laura at Phytness Connection is working with me like an athlete."
- Female client, age 62, her 3rd year at Phytness Connection

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